Engineered Solutions

Our Focus is to Help You with

Improving customer experience

Reducing overall capital & labor costs

Introducing new technology

Preferred Marketing Group Live’s unique experience and ability makes it possible for a foodservice management team to get quality and in depth analysis with very specific recommendations. This is the unique difference. Preferred Marketing invests hours and dollars to provide the right product for your application by focusing on everything surrounding your food.

Our facility can be used for:

  • Menu development
  • Recipe development
  • New processes and procedures for production or assembly

We offer simplified time and motion analysis, menu process re-development through new equipment technologies that will save labor, time and energy. Our team and the brands we represent are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.


Preferred Marketing Group believes it is the role of the manufacturer’s representative organization to work closely with the end-user customer to thoroughly understand and deal with the kitchen challenges that foodservice operation deals with daily.

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