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The smokey flavor you love, with less clean up!

The Cookshack Pellet Smoker Oven gives you the consistent smoke flavor you want in your food with low ash content from the pellets and less clean up after you’re done. The unit’s small footprint and high capacity to smoke or barbecue products makes this the perfect unit for any operation.

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Simply Sammic

From food prep and preservation to Sous Vide cooking, Sammic has solutions to save time and simplify your operations.

  • Sous Vide & Vacuum pack equipment provide HAACP recordings for your chefs when using the SmartVide 8 free app for “smart” food safety.
  • Enhanced grid cleaning kit provides industry leading results, saving you time with prep and reducing your waste.
  • A wide range of precision hand blenders that are a must have for productive kitchens!

Not sure what to make with your Sammic product? Sammic has provided so many recipes just for you!

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Sammic manufactures quality equipment for the Foodservice Industry.

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Create the pizza you love with the click of a button!

The Cookshack Wood Fired Pizza Oven is a hand-crafted, artisan pizza oven that provides the flavor of real wood pizza in just 3 minutes! With Cookshack’s advanced technology, the oven creates a consistently flavored pizza and is cost efficient to use. Best of all, this gourmet pizza oven can be installed under a standard commercial hood with minimal space required.

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Smoked flavor infusion you love, hassle-free!

Customize your flavor creation!

Smoke, cook and hold all in one unit with Cookshack. This line of electric smokers provides a high yield with limited airflow so you can control every aspect of your cooking experience while easily adding a variety of amazing flavors to your cuisine.
Learn about the basic features of a Cookshack Electric Smoker in the video below!

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Awaken your taste buds with Mibrasa!

Feed your senses with Mibrasa charcoal cooking ovens. All products are welded construction with artisan detail and 90 lb. doors with fingertip controls. The ovens come equipped with infinite heat and flame combustion controls.

Looking for some inspiration and recipes to make with your Mibrasa Charcoal oven? Get Recipes Here!

Mibrasa is a young, family-run company that emphasizes quality and robustness, so their grills are made to last.

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Save space while maintaining quality with Convotherm!

Save space in your work place with the innovative disappearing door. Allows operators to keep the space in front of the oven clear and reduces risk of injury.

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New and improved modes of cooking to ensure your results are focused!
Convection mode – Five different levels of moisture removal to produce food with a crispy outside and tender inside in the minimum amount of time.
Humidity Pro – Precisely control moisture levels manually in the combi-steam mode from as low as 86 °F.

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Cook anyway you can imagine with Winston!

Winston allows you to cook anyway you can imagine with CVap technologies!

Easily diversify your menu with all of the options CVap technology offers. CVap cooking can proof, stage, roast, bake, steam, poach, confit, and bagless sous vide.

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