Southern California and
Southern Nevada Only

Advance Tabco

Sinks, smart fabrication, dish tables, bun pans, work tables, pot racks and wall shelves.


Engineered to enhance perfection, Arcobaleno is a leading manufacturer of pasta machinery to the food service industry.

Berner International Corp

Air doors, air curtains and strip doors.


Industry leading manufacturer of slicers and scales with one of the largest and most unique range of products.

ChillRite 32

Beer dispensing systems, frozen drink dispensing systems, frost rails,
and vodka dispensing systems.


Quality commercial Barbecue equipment and supplies. From electric smokers, ovens and Char-boilers to accessories  sauces, and spices.


DoughXpress manufacturers food processing equipment including: pizza presses, tortilla presses, meat presses, flat grills, dough dockers, dough dividers, dough divider rounders, and bread slicers.


Innovative, industry leading technology to provide solutions to significantly reduce your food waste with easy-to-use and safe eco-friendly products.


Modular shelving and storage solutions for clean environments with exclusive Lifetime Warranty against rust and corrosion.


Cooking Oil Management

Frosty Factory

Frozen beverage dispensers, Sorbeteer & Petite Sorbeteer Units.

Kitchen Brains

Timers, remote equipment monitoring, Intelligent kitchen systems.

KPS Global

Walk-in refrigeration, scientific walk-in boxes, environmental walk-in boxes.


Manufacturing and distribution of household items for the home and the Hotel and Catering Industry. Kitchenware and Houseware.

LBC Bakery Equipment

Roll-in rotating rack ovens, mini-rack ovens, roll-in rack proofers, retarder, combination retarder/proofer.

Marra Forni

Wood and gas fired brick ovens, pizza prep equipment, and rotating deck ovens.


High quality, versatile products and accessories for customized charcoal ovens.

Moyer Diebel

Moyer Diebel is considered the undisputed leader in the glasswashing and dishwashing industry.


Best-in-class refrigeration rack systems, advanced refrigeration monitoring devices and intuitive defrost control systems.


Food Prep equipment including hand mixers, vegetable prep machines, vacuum packing machines, immersion circulators, sous vide, cutlery dryers-polishers, potato peelers, salad spinners, cutters and emulsifiers.

Town Food Service Equipment Co., Inc.

Chinese ranges, smokers and Mongolian ranges, stock pot ranges.

Walsh & Simmons Seating

Upholstered and wood trim booths, metal booths, metal and wood chairs and bar stools, restaurant tables, and custom millwork

Winston Industries

C-Vap Technology, holding cabinets and drawers, cook-and-hold, therm-and-hold. All of CA and NV.

Preferred Marketing Group represents the following Welbilt brands:


Steamers and kettles, tilting skillets, Cook Chill Systems.


High Efficiency Combi-Ovens


Refrigeration equipment, custom metal fabrication,
Shelley (dispensing and refrigeration).


Fryers and fryer system, portable and built-in filters, pasta systems, shortening disposal units.


Restaurant ranges, custom island suites, counter cooking equipment, convection ovens.


Walk-in coolers and freezers, Polar-Pak walk-ins, engineered refrigeration, systems, step-in coolers and freezers.


Impinger conveyor ovens


Insta-therm, fried food holding stations, modular holding cabinets.


Accelerated cooking – speed ovens