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Advanced Refrigeration at Your Fingertips!

- September 14, 2018

Delfield’s NEW Specification Line offers 24/7 connectivity, energy efficiency and peace of mind. This Specification Line equipment is designed to make your life easier. For more advanced refrigeration solutions for your operation, contact Preferred Marketing Group today!

Meet our new preferred line Arcobaleno!

- September 12, 2018

Arcobaleno is the leading manufacturer of pasta machinery to the food service industry. With over 40 combined years of pasta machine experience, this brand is dedicated to innovating their products to ensure the best quality! To learn more about the solutions this new brand can bring to your operation, contact Preferred Marketing Group today!

The smokey flavor you love, with less clean up!

- September 5, 2018

The Cookshack Pellet Smoker Oven gives you the consistent smoke flavor you want in your food with low ash content from the pellets and less clean up after you’re done. The unit’s small footprint and high capacity to smoke or barbecue products makes this the perfect unit for any operation. Check out our latest blog […]

Simply Sammic

- August 30, 2018

From food prep and preservation to Sous Vide cooking, Sammic has solutions to save time and simplify your operations. Sous Vide & Vacuum pack equipment provide HAACP recordings for your chefs when using the SmartVide 8 free app for “smart” food safety. Enhanced grid cleaning kit provides industry leading results, saving you time with prep […]

Create the pizza you love with the click of a button!

- August 28, 2018

The Cookshack Wood Fired Pizza Oven is a hand-crafted, artisan pizza oven that provides the flavor of real wood pizza in just 3 minutes! With Cookshack’s advanced technology, the oven creates a consistently flavored pizza and is cost efficient to use. Best of all, this gourmet pizza oven can be installed under a standard commercial […]

Smoked flavor infusion you love, hassle-free!

- August 21, 2018

Customize your flavor creation! Smoke, cook and hold all in one unit with Cookshack. This line of electric smokers provides a high yield with limited airflow so you can control every aspect of your cooking experience while easily adding a variety of amazing flavors to your cuisine. Learn about the basic features of a Cookshack […]

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Why Consider an Indoor Commercial Smoker for Your Kitchen Operations?

1 year ago

Smoked and barbecued meat is a fan favorite all over the world. Continuing to delight customer taste buds, smoked meat is being used in a variety of casual and elegant dishes outside of the traditional backyard BBQ setting. Giving the meat that tangy and sweet smoked flavor people love, requires a lot of space, equipment […]

Endless Possibilities with CVap Technology

1 year ago

CVap technology is revolutionizing the way kitchens operate. The CV is short for Controlled Vapor, which surrounds food with vapor to ensure that no moisture is unintentionally lost or added. The goal for this type of technology is to keep food at its freshest for as long as operators need so they can cook and […]

A Cut above the Rest! No matter how you slice it, Bizerba is the best Choice!

1 year ago

When considering the purchase of a commercial food slicer and/or scale, it’s important to think about how you are going to use it and determine your need. Bizerba offers businesses innovative solutions to increase accuracy and efficiency with their state-of-the art slicing and weighing technology. As an industry leader in scales and meat slicers, Bizerba […]