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Slice your way to success with Bizerba!

- June 19, 2018

Bizerba’s slicers have 9 different speeds for precise slicing that adapt to your ever-changing menu. To learn more about this “preferred” brand, check out our latest blog! Click Here to Lean More! For more information on how our #1 meat slicer can enhance productivity in your kitchen or to schedule a demo, contact Preferred Marketing Group today!

Turn food waste into water within 24 hours easily with ExBio Food Waste Digesters!

- June 15, 2018

Decrease the costs of hauling services to empty your dumpsters by eliminating the majority of your food waste. ExBio Food Digesters offer economically friendly solutions with 13 different models to ensure the proper fit for your operation. For more information on ExBio solutions, contact Preferred Marketing Group today!

2018 Kitchen Innovations Award winner!

- June 13, 2018

Bizerba was awarded during the National Restaurant Association, Hotel-Motel Show® The GSP H & HD Illuminated Safety Slicer line use color-coded lights to indicate the machine’s status. This line is available in manual, semi-automatic and fully-automatic options. To learn more about this preferred brand, check out our latest blog! Click Here to Learn More! For more […]

Customize your dream restaurant and get it shipped right to your door!

- June 11, 2018

Walsh & Simmon’s Restaurant-in-a-Box combines the manufacturing of booths, tables, chairs and millwork with the capability to procure, warehouse and consolidate purchased items. Create a consistent function and aesthetic for your entire restaurant with a variety of product offerings and customizable capabilities. Want to learn more about how this service can save you time and […]

Spend less time cleaning and more time slicing!

- June 8, 2018

Bizerba’s 360-degree enclosed blade knife can be cleaned in only 14 minutes AND keeps you safe! As an industry leading manufacturer of slicers, Bizerba offers unique designs that maximizes not only efficiency, but safety. Check Out Our Latest Blog to Learn More! Contact Preferred Marketing Group today for more solutions Bizerba has for your foodservice […]

Enhancements on Garland Ovens you Don’t Want to Miss!

- May 23, 2018

The Convection Ovens you already love, with easier to use improvements! Contact Preferred Marketing Group for more dependable solutions for your operations!

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A Cut above the Rest! No matter how you slice it, Bizerba is the best Choice!

2 weeks ago

When considering the purchase of a commercial food slicer and/or scale, it’s important to think about how you are going to use it and determine your need. Bizerba offers businesses innovative solutions to increase accuracy and efficiency with their state-of-the art slicing and weighing technology. As an industry leader in scales and meat slicers, Bizerba […]

Waste Management that Makes Sense!

2 months ago

Food waste is a major issue around the world. Approximately 40% of food, which equates to $165 billion, in the United States alone is wasted. Food waste in America has grown by 204% since 1960 and 50% since 1990. According to the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) food represents the single largest component, by weight, […]

Remote Refrigeration can benefit you in your Foodservice operation!

3 months ago

Remote refrigeration is moving your compressors to an area outside your commercial kitchen, which can benefit your operation in many ways. Working in a commercial kitchen can get very warm, removing refrigeration from your kitchen can reduce the inevitable heat. This will also lower your utility bills, because you won’t have to replace the hot […]