Company History

Preferred Marketing Group was founded in 1984 by Bill Fero and Charlie Watterman; serving the Southern California and Southern Nevada markets. They started with two lines and quickly were given the opportunity to represent some of the industry’s top brands, which are still represented by the Preferred Marketing Group today. Jeff Couch purchased Preferred Marketing in 2001. Jeff had previously been the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Garland/US Range. Since taking the reins at Preferred Marketing Group, Jeff has significantly grown both overall sales and Preferred Marketing Group’s marketing territory. Preferred Marketing Group now serves all of California and Nevada. Many of Preferred Marketing Group’s team members have been with the company for twenty years. Preferred Marketing Group boasts a sales force with combined industry experience of more than two hundred years, and backgrounds in engineering, consulting and culinary arts; both as chefs and owners/operators, as well as foodservice dealers. Customer Care support has always been a focus, equal in significance to our outside sales efforts.

Preferred Marketing’s centrally located and company owned facility sets a new standard in state-of-the-art Culinary Labs and Education Centers. This multi-use building features 4,000 square feet of offices completely outfitted with the latest technologies. In addition there is a 6,000 square foot, dedicated multi media Education Center combined with a fully functional Culinary Lab/Training Kitchen. This kitchen can accommodate any equipment under it’s 16 feet of the latest hood technologies; and has played host to dozens of national chains for menu development, equipment testing, time and motion studies and full-scale kitchen mock-ups.

Preferred Marketing Group Sales And Marketing / Customer Care

Sales Team

Jeff Couch
(818) 652-1141
Brad Hitchcock
Vice President of Sales & Marketing
(818) 960-5698
Steve Kim - CFSP
Regional Vice President - South
(S. California, S. Nevada)
(310) 505-5036

Northern California

Tom Tallon - CFSP
Business Development Representative
(N. California and N. Nevada)
(916) 317-4144
Rob Joya
Business Development Representative
(N. California and N. Nevada)
(916) 307-7690

Southern California

Miles Ray
Business Development Representative
(Los Angeles County, Ventura County)
(818) 857-8661
Steve Wetterich - CFSP
Business Development Representative
(Orange County, San Diego County, Imperial County)
(818) 391-3786
Sean Ames
Business Development Representative
(San Diego County, Imperial County)
(619) 861-7734
Daniel Taylor
Business Development Representative
(S. Nevada)
(702) 205-2785

Chain Accounts

Fred Macdonald
Business Development Representative
(Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Bernardino County)
(619) 419-6090

Sales Support

Sherri Bauserman
(818) 998-9292
Chris Olmos
Customer Care Supervisor
(818) 998-9292
Terri Kish
Customer Care Representative
(818) 998-9292
Luis Granados
System Analyst
(818) 998-9292
Veronica Ruizvelasco
Customer Care Representative
(818) 998-9292

Preferred Marketing Group is a Paradigm Member Company. Paradigm is a strategic alliance of best-in-class independent sales organizations. Through collaboration and shared resources, we aim to deliver competitive advantages to our manufacturers and customers.